みけぬこラボ(以下、「当方」)は、プライバシー情報の取扱いについて、以下のとおりプライバシーポリシー(以下、「本ポリシー」)を定めます。 (hereinafter, “me”) establishes a privacy policy (hereinafter, “this policy”) as follows regarding the handling of privacy information.

1. プライバシー情報とは – What is privacy information


In the Personal Information Protection Act of Japan, it is called “personal information” and is information about consumers included in the information. [Description of name, date of birth, address, phone number, contact information, etc.] Information that can be used to “specify specific individuals.”

2. 個人情報の取得 – Acquisition of personal information

  • Google Analytics によって収集される当サイトへのアクセス履歴。
  • サイト閲覧時に記録されるセッション情報とCookie(クッキー)。

  • Access history to this site collected by Google Analytics.
  • It will be recorded in session information and cookies when browsing the site.

3. 個人情報の利用目的 – Purpose of use of personal information


We use “personal information” received from customers only for development purposes and transactions with customers as answers to information or questions from customers regarding our company.

4. 個人情報の安全対策 – Security measures for personal information

当方は、個人情報の正確性・最新性及び安全性を確保するために、セキュリティに万全の対策を講じ、万が一問題等が発生した場合には、速やかに適当な是正対策を致します。 個人情報の第三者への提供の禁止 当方は、お客さまよりお預かりした個人情報を適切に管理し、次のいずれかに該当する場合を除き、第三者に個人情報を提供致しません。

  • お客さまからの開示に対する同意がある場合。
  • 捜査機関など法令に基づき開示が必要である場合。
  • お客さまご本人が希望されるサービスに対し、当方から業務を委託する事業者に対して開示する場合。

In order to ensure the accuracy, up-to-dateness and safety of personal information, we will take all security measures and promptly take corrective action if a problem occurs. We prohibit the provision of personal information to third parties, and we appropriately manage personal information received from customers, and do not provide personal information to third parties except in the following cases.

  • If you have consent for disclosure from customers.
  • When disclosure is required based on the law of a legal institution, etc.
  • In the case of disclosing to the company that entrusts the business from us to the service that the customer is desired.

5. ご本人照会と修正・削除対応 – Person inquiry and correction / deletion correspondence


If the customer wishes to inquire, correct or delete the personal information of the person, we will promptly respond after confirming that it is the person.
We hold customer information for up to two years only, and in the event of a risk of exceeding two years, we will promptly delete information in a security-based manner.

6. 法令、規範の遵守と見直し – Compliance and review of laws and regulations


In addition to complying with Japanese laws and regulations applied to personal information held by us and other norms, we will review the content of this policy as appropriate when we revise the law and strive to improve it.

7. 本ポリシーに関するお問い合わせは、下記までお願い致します。- For inquiries regarding this policy, please contact.

お問い合わせ – CONTACT